Eugenie Boon



Eugenie Boon, 1995, is a visual and performing artist and an all around creative, born in Tera Cora, Curacao. In 2016 she moved to the Netherlands to study Fine Arts at University of Arts of Utrecht at which she graduated BA in Fine Arts with honours. She was awarded the HKU Award in Artistic Achievement for her ongoing graduation project "Reframing the frames of references". Her artistic practice is driven by her upbringing in Curacao and the islands historical and actual relationship with the Netherlands.

During her 3rd academic year she moved to The Hague where got a space to do freelance work as photographer and make up artist "Boon Creative Studio". This space slowly developed into a space where other creatives from the ABC island could use her services and or facilities to create content that help develop their own portfolio, as creatives or start-up entrepreneurs. This again creates space for conversations to happen that inspire Boon's ongoing artistic practice.