Simia is an art relational project where Boon goes in conversation with people from the islands and as Mid my studies I moved from Utrecht to The Hague. Living in The Hague I felt a little bit more close to home, seeing that a lot of ABC island student comes either to The Hague or to Rotterdam to do their further studies.  Aside of school I started to use my photography as a side job for extra income to invest back in materials for school. The jobs I got were mostly from people from the island who were living here and started their own "businesses". Being on these jobs gave me the opportunity to engage in many different dialogues surrounding subject that I research in my own practice. Indentity, racism, colonialism, sexuality, religion. These dialogues would later become the idea to start a relational art project, SIMIA

I could conclude that our people are on a search and are very eager to work towards their future and claiming more space within this society. Something that we have a collective experience as to being deprived from due to institutional racism but also in my opinion our own struggles with the dualities in our hopes, dreams and disappointments.


The idea behind SIMIA is to create space for dialogues through the use of art. In a metaphorical manner I want everyone participating in these dialogues to make their own seeds (of clay). 

Everyone is free to participate but I hope to reach more of the Caribbean (ABC) island people to participate in these dialogues.