Research model

Artist statement:

"Eugenie Boon's is a multi-disciplinary artist who's works revolves around her upbringing on the island of Curacao and the island's historical relation to the Netherlands. In her attempt to understand the subtle complexities she encounters in her daily life experiences, she is constantly confronted with the aspect of duality. Duality through topics like religion, colonialism, gender, inequality and identity and the struggles with that duality comes back in her performances, installations ,video works and paintings. In a shamanistic , playful, poetic yet still critical way, her projects questions social-political issues and cultural vs institutional structures in which the spectator is challenged to recognise their self and perhaps reflect on their own position."


My Thesis: "Perspektiva nan di Pega Saya" (Pega Saya's Perspectives) is based on the research model below. As I am exploring and deconstructing my shared reality I am getting to root causes of stagnation due to sublte complexities .

I am healing,

I am celebrating 

I am growing.